Welcome to EMDR Transformations Counseling, a warm and secure setting where you can heal, grow, and experience true transformation.

“The past affects the present even without our being aware of it.”

Francine Shapiro

Creator of EMDR therapy


Founded in 2020, EMDR Transformations Counseling brings together a team of exceptional therapists who are committed to lifelong learning, personal growth and professional development. Within our inviting and secure setting, we provide therapeutic experiences that offer lasting and transformative healing. Specializing in the treatment of trauma, we have a special focus on healing the first responder communities, as well as all individuals and couples who seek to heal from painful or distressing life experiences. We further seek to redefine the concept of mental health, thereby reducing the stigma associated with it. In line with our commitment to the first responder communities, each of our clinicians give back to charities that support those who serve to protect us.


EMDR Transformations Counseling donates monthly to organizations that support first responders who are currently working in the field, retirees, and those who have been emotionally and/or physically disabled. Firestrong is an organization dedicated to assist firefighters who have struggled with PTSD and other mental health issues caused by stress, so they can stay mentally fit and healthy. Compassion Alliance supports first responders on their journey to achieving optimal mental health. They bridge police, fire, EMTs, and their families to licensed mental health professionals – confidentially – wherever they live in the U.S.

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